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What is KP Kitchen Taiwan?

Our goal is to make baking as easy as possible in a microwave with convenient smaller portions. We used 30 plus years baking experience to come up with the first microwave cake mix created for Asian kitchens. With our commitment to genuine flavor, we only use locally-available, quality ingredients.

Most of all, we delight in sharing our love of baking with our family, friends – and now – you!

Who are Karen and Patrick?

The ‘K’ and ‘P’ of KP Kitchen Taiwan are Karen and Patrick – a Canadian/American couple who now call Taiwan home.

Before she was tall enough to see over the counter, Karen followed her mother around the kitchen cracking eggs, measuring milk and mixing in the flour. At nine, she baked her first solo cake – chocolate, of course - as a surprise for her kitchen mentor.

While at college, Patrick got a full-time job at a local bakery. He hauled 50-pound sacks of flour and learned the difference between buttercream and ganache while developing a taste for finer ingredients.

Since Karen and Patrick joined forces in 2010, creating food together has been part of their ongoing love story – starting with their courtship and now in business with KP Kitchen Taiwan.

Why start a baking company in Taiwan?

We started KP Kitchen Taiwan to bring the enjoyment of baking and cooking into the homes of both expats and Taiwanese customers alike. We’ve lived in Asia for around 9 years and learned to adapt our methods to an Asian kitchen without a full-sized oven.

We aim to make North American baking and cooking as easy as possible in a toaster oven with the convenience of smaller sized portions and the assurance of quality locally-available ingredients. Most of all, we delight in sharing our love of baking and cooking with our family, friends - and now - you!

Why Taiwan? Why Yilan?

A chance opportunity brought us to Taiwan nearly four years ago. We loved the city life of Taipei for the first three years but the dream had always been to move to the countryside. Recently we took the leap and moved to Yilan County which gives us the best of both world: easy access to the big city while we enjoy the slower pace of living among the rice fields.